Cost of 3KW Solar Panel System in India

India is a diverse country in many ways than only its culture, people, and languages. The topography of the nation significantly influences its energy policy. 

Solar energy has been a game-changer for the nation’s energy demands due to the abundance of sunshine during the majority of the year. 

The government has also been actively promoting the use of solar energy in recent years by providing a variety of subsidies and incentives. This blog post will examine the cost of a 3KW solar panel with a subsidy in India.

Types of  a 3KW solar system

Over the world, different types of solar panels are becoming increasingly well-liked and environmentally benign. Suitable for home use, a 3KW solar system is a fairly sized system with a daily output of up to 15 units of power. 

Types of a 3KW solar system

This article will examine the many 3KW solar system designs, including on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid systems.

On-grid Solar Systems

The most prevalent kind of solar system utilized in residential and commercial structures are on-grid solar systems, commonly referred to as grid-tied solar systems. 

On-grid Solar Systems

An on-grid solar system is linked to the power grid and able to feed any excess energy produced back into it. Solar panels that are connected to the grid produce DC power, which is then converted to AC electricity via an inverter. 

The building’s electrical appliances are then powered by the AC energy.

An on-grid solar system’s main benefit is that it can lower electricity costs by lowering the amount of power drawn from the grid. An on-grid solar system won’t operate during a power loss, it should be emphasized, as it is dependent on the electricity grid.

Off-grid Solar Systems

Stand-alone or off grid solar systems are those that are not linked to the power grid. The usual components of an off-grid solar system include solar panels, batteries, a charge controller, and an inverter. 

Off Grid Solar System

DC power is produced by the solar panels and is kept in the battery bank. The inverter transforms the DC power to AC electricity for usage in the building, and the charge controller ensures that the batteries are neither overcharged or drained.

An off-grid solar system’s main benefit is that it can generate electricity even when there is a power outage. It should be noted, nevertheless, that an off-grid solar system would cost more than an on-grid solar system since it needs extra parts like a battery bank.

Hybrid Solar Systems

A battery bank is part of a hybrid solar system that is connected into the power grid and used to store extra electricity produced. 

Hybrid Solar Systems

With a hybrid solar system, the battery bank is charged first with any extra power produced by the solar panels. The extra power is delivered back into the grid after the battery bank is completely charged.

The main benefit of a hybrid solar system is that it may still be linked to the power grid while producing electricity, even during power outages. 

A hybrid solar system can also lower the amount of grid power used, which can assist lower electricity costs. Here you can also know about 1kw solar panel price in India

Understanding the 3KW Solar Panel System

First off, a 3KW solar panel system is a sizable system that is appropriate for home use. 

Understanding the 3KW Solar Panel System

Depending on the location and the weather, it can produce up to 15 units of power every day. In order to transform solar energy into usable power, the system generally consists of solar panels, an inverter, and other essential components.

The Cost of a 3KW Solar Panel System in India

The price of a 3KW solar panel system in India varies based on the manufacturer, quality, and installation site, among other variables. 

The Cost of a 3KW Solar Panel System in India

A 3KW solar panel system might cost anywhere between Rs. 1,50,000 and Rs. 2,50,000 on average. Yet, the government offers a number of subsidies and rewards to promote the use of solar power.

Subsidies and Incentives for 3KW Solar Panel Systems in India

The Indian government has started a number of programmes to encourage the usage of solar power. The Solar Rooftop Subsidy Program is an example of such a programme. 

Residential clients are eligible for a subsidy of up to 40% on the cost of installing a solar panel system under this programme. 

Customers who purchase a 3KW solar panel system can save up to Rs. 1,000,000 thanks to the subsidy, which is only available for systems up to 3KW.

In addition to the subsidy programme, the government provides consumers who use solar energy with a number of tax advantages. 

Under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, consumers may deduct up to Rs. 1,50,000 for interest paid on loans made to build solar panel systems. 

A capital subsidy of up to 15% on the system’s overall cost is also available to users, up to a maximum of Rs. 10,000 per KW.

There are less energy consumption you can install a 2kw solar panel

Factors Affecting the Cost of a 3KW Solar Panel System in India

The price of a 3KW solar panel system in India might vary depending on a number of different factors in addition to the government’s subsidies and incentives. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of a 3KW Solar Panel System in India

The following are some important things to think about:

Brand and Quality: The solar system’s cost may be considerably impacted by the brand and quality of the solar panels and other parts. 

While there may be less expensive solutions, for the best efficiency and longevity, it’s critical to select a known brand that delivers high-quality components.

Location: The cost of the system may vary depending on where it is installed. The system’s overall cost may go up if the installation site is at a remote location due to increased shipping and installation charges.


System Size: The cost may also be impacted by the system’s size. Although a 3KW system could be enough for home use, bigger systems might be needed for commercial or industrial use, which might raise the cost. 

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In conclusion, purchasing a 3KW solar panel system is a great investment for homeowners hoping to lower their power costs and help the environment. Although the system’s price might vary based on a number of factors, government subsidies and incentives make it a desirable choice for customers.

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