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Solar panel installation has become much more affordable in India over the past few years. More individuals are turning to solar energy to generate their own power as a result of rising electricity prices, more environmental consciousness, and increased pollution.

Large homes, workplaces, and commercial stores are perfect candidates for the 5 kW solar system. Customers who experience regular power outages in their homes and commercial buildings should go for a 5 kW solar system. 

It is made of monocrystalline panels and has an inverter efficiency of over 97% and a module efficiency of over 16%. 5 kW of inverter power is included.


Installing a 5kW solar power system is recommended for buildings with two to three floors, restaurants, and schools that need to power water pumps, fans, lights, computers, and other essential home equipment.

The solar system refers to the entire set of solar PV panels, inverters, batteries, panel stands, cables, mc4 connectors, grounding kits, and other accessories. There are four main types of 5kW solar systems. Givings with approximations of prices are as follows:

A 5kw Solar Power System With A Battery

When large appliances need to function after a power loss, a 5kW off-grid solar system is helpful for residences with two to three floors, schools, and hospitals. Up to a 4000-watt load may be effectively run on a 5 kW solar system.

A 5kw Solar Power System With A Battery


  • 5 kVA Inverter
  • 5 kWh lithium battery (100 Ah, 51.2 V)
  • Shark 440W x 10 Solar Panels, 5 kWp


It can produce 25 units per day and has a 15,000-watt-hour energy reserve that may be utilized overnight or during an emergency.


The cost of a 5kW solar system in India is around Rs. 4,85,000. The price can change. Here you would like to know, one of the popular solar companies Solluz in India. So, get the best cost for your 5kW solar system here.  

No-Battery 5kW Solar System (On Grid)

For regions where the monthly power expenditure ranges from $5,000 to $10,000 during the summer, a 5kW grid-connected solar system is helpful. 

No-Battery 5kW Solar System (On Grid)

Because grid-connected solar systems cannot operate below 190V (low voltage), it is important to consider the voltage situation in your region during the summer while making your choice.

Comparison of On-Grid Solar Systems with AC Modules

The two forms of inverter technologies included in a 5kW on-grid solar system are string inverters and conventional inverters. The following list of benefits and drawbacks of inverter technology is provided:

Comparison of On-Grid Solar Systems with AC Modules

Module AC

  • Optional Net Meter for Residential Use
  • Beginning with a $28,000 budget (Single Plate)
  • Expandable System: Yes
  • 10 years of warranty.
  • Web-based service (IoT Based)

Conventional on-grid solar system

  • Net Meter is required for Homes
  • Starting budget of Rs. 80,000 (1 kW)
  • Expandable System – No
  • 3 to 5 years of warranty
  • Household Services


Approximately Rs. 4,00,000 is the cost of a 5kW on-grid solar system in India. Depending on the manufacturer and technology, this price could change.

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In a 5 KW solar system, how many solar panels are necessary?

Nearly every solar panel installer will be installing solar panels with a power output of 300 watts or more in 2020. 15 solar panels are required if you choose 330 Watt solar panels, which is the industry norm for a 5 kW system.

In order to create a 5 kW = 5,000-watt system with smaller solar panels, such as 250-watt panels, you would need 20 solar panels.

In a 5 KW solar system, how many solar panels are necessary

Read this article to determine the number of solar panels a house needs if you’re unsure of how many kW of solar power your home need.

But keep in mind that you need a lot of extra equipment in order to utilize the power produced by solar panels. Equipment required for a 5kW on-grid solar installation includes:

Equipment for 5kW Solar Systems

  • 16 solar inverters with solar panels 330 watts each 
  • One Direct Current Distribution Box
  • One Alternate Current Distribution Box
  • One AC Cable
  • One DC Cable
  • One MC4 Connector 

Additionally, you will require conduit pipes, meters, earthing, a lightning arrestor, and a few other parts.

Factors Affecting Solar Power System Cost:

The following elements affect how much it will cost to construct a solar system:

Factors Affecting Solar Power System Cost

Solar panel types and their cost: Using monocrystalline solar panels, which are more costly than polycrystalline solar panels, will raise the cost of the system.

Installation method: Compared to putting on RCC with elevation, solar panel installation onto a preexisting metal shed is less expensive. 

Material quality: A premium solar panel system will cost more money if you choose that brand. 

System size: The price per kilowatt increases as system size decreases. A 100 kW system will cost between Rs 45,000 and Rs 55,000 per kilowatt, compared to a 1 kW solar system’s cost per kilowatt of Rs 80,000 to Rs 80,000. 

Area Required For A 5kW Solar System

According to general guidelines, a 5 kW solar system requires 500 sqft of shadow-free space for installation, taking into account enough room for maintenance and cleaning.

An individual 330-watt solar panel has a cross-section size of 21.78 square feet or 6.6 feet by 3.3 feet.

In light of this, 348.48 sqft is the minimum amount of space required to build a 5kW solar system with 16 solar panels.

Only a few factors need to be taken into account when it comes to the area.

  • At least 5 hours each day should be spent with no shadow on your solar panels.
  • The weight of the solar panels should not be an issue for your roof.
  • In order to facilitate maintenance, the roof should be accessible.

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Power Generation from a 5 kW Solar System

The amount of power that solar panels can produce depends on their inclination, where they are installed (North, East, West, or South), how much shade they receive, how many hours of sunlight are available where you live, and how well they are maintained. Also, you can go for Bifacial solar panels.

One may anticipate solar generation of 4 units per day or 115 to 120 units per month, if we consider that your solar panels are facing the appropriate direction with the suitable inclination, there is no influence from shadows on them, and there are 6 hours of regular sunshine from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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Increasing power costs in the home and business sectors are to blame for the three-fold increase in demand for solar systems year over year. The cost of a 5 kW solar system, however, is now prohibitive, so instead of investing in solar energy, residential and business owners pay their electricity bills.

A 5 kW solar off-grid system costs between Rs 62,000 and Rs 68,000 per kW, according to the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE), whereas a 5 kW solar on-grid system costs an average of Rs 60,000 per kW, or Rs 3,00,000. A rooftop surface of 500 square feet and 16 solar panels, every 330 watts in size, are required for a 5 kW solar system.

How to purchase

In order to properly comprehend capital vs. profit, product vs. installation, and investment vs. return, we advise anybody considering installing a 5kW solar system for a home with a government subsidy first to contact a solar engineer on their property.

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