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Why should I opt for Open Access?

Most corporates today strive to source as much of their power as possible from renewable energy sources, particularly because of global commitments like RE100 gaining traction. While rooftop or distributed solar is a great way to get started, many of our clients don’t have sufficient space within their facilities to install a power plant to supply the bulk of their energy requirements.

How can I do it?

Grid-connected or ‘Open Access’ solar power through offsite Solar Farms addresses this problem by providing large-scale power through the grid, potentially up to 100% of our clients’ needs. Client and Developer enter into a Long Term Power Purchase Agreement (typically 10-25 Years). Developer starts power injection from Solar / Solar+Wind hybrid parks and the same is set off against Clients consumption from local DISCOM. It’s that simple.

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Types of Open Access projects?

Third Party Open Access
This is a pure Power Sale model between consumer and Power Producer, with no upfront investment required from the consumer. Suitable for off-setting high DSICOM tariff as PPA is exposed to applicability of Cross Subsidy Surcharge & Additional Surcharges.

Captive Open Access
In this model the entire investment is done by the consumer, whereas Solluz helps in all the prerequisites such as Arranging land, taking regulatory approvals, setting up plant, handling Operations and Maintenance and consolidating monthly energy settlements. Client enjoys savings in energy cost, offsetting carbon emissions and taking Accelerated Depreciation benefits.

Group Captive Open Access
Group captive model is a variant of the Captive Model. In this, the project is developed for the collective usage of one or many corporate buyers who jointly participate by investing in an SPV. Solluz sets up the SPV (similar scope as in Captive Model) which the buyers hold 26% Equity and collectively consumer min. 51% of total power generation.

Benefits of Open Access?

For a business, sourcing of renewable energy achieves the dual goals of substantial savings on power cost as well as offsetting their carbon emissions. Open access solar power is a popular power generation option that gives enterprises like yours an opportunity to meet all your electricity needs at tariffs much lower (typically 30-50%) than the prevailing grid electricity rates along with the tariff certainty for next 20-25 years.