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Any Solar Project suffers from a variety of performance issues due to degradation, ageing, faulty design, PID, Operation & Maintenances (O&M), inferior components etc. This is evident from the deterioration in output. In some cases the deterioration is faster than anticipated. SPR Audit attempts to identify such issues and recommend remedial measures for performance enhancement, reliability improvement and safety betterment.

The SPR Audit is carried out by a technically strong team of Solar experts and engineers with an experience of 10+ years in Execution of Solar PV (rooftop and ground), Consulting, Financing and Advisory of projects ranging from as small as 30 kWp to as large as 20 MWp.


1. Identify performance related issues such as Hotspots, PID, LID etc. through data collection, measurements and observations.

2. Recommend solutions to arrest issues impacting the performance by carrying out measurements and data analysis through IV Curve tracing, Thermography, Electroluminescence testing etc.

3. Identify non-performance issues such as project stability, reliability and safety. This is done through onsite physical inspection, SLD review, design inspection and measurements.

4. Recommend solutions to improve plant’s reliability and safety factor.

5. Implement best practices for Operation & Maintenance (O&M).

6. To reassure plant owners about their project’s performance, reliability and safety.

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Although any type of PV Solar Project can benefit from such an audit but following are the plants which stand to benefit the most –

a.) 2+ years old Solar Projects which have never carried out such study.

b.) Recently installed Solar Project investors looking for 3rd party verification.

c.) Captive or rooftop Solar Projects facing synchronizing issues or issues related to inconsistent output.

d.) Installed Solar projects facing output issues i.e. generation not inline with designed / expected output.

e.) Installed Solar projects which are facing reliability issues i.e. downtime or safety issues – shorting, sparking etc.

f.) Solar project owners looking to sell their projects to strategic investors.

g.) Utility scale Solar projects looking for drone thermography.

h.) Solar Projects with complaints about sparking, flashing, shorting etc.

Any Solar Project ranging from 30 kWp to 25 MWp+ on captive (rooftop / ground) or utility basis can benefit from this exercise. Even if a plant is performing well, this exercise reassures that everything is working fine. For such plants a preliminary or basic audit (basic data analysis) can be done.

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